Help Navigating NHS Services


NHS Services

The NHS stands for the National Health Service. It is a Government-funded health care service that everyone living in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service. This includes:

  • When you visit a doctor or nurse at your GP practice (like our service for you)
  • Being treated at hospital when you are injured or not very well, including emergency care with an ambulance.
  • Seeing a midwife 
  • Dental services (for your teeth)
  • Optician Services (for your eyes/sight) well as other medical treatment and health care services.

If you are new to NHS services it can be confusing what is available to help you, and where you should go for different problems. This webpage can help you to navigate the NHS. 

Who Should I Call?

Booking an Appointment at your GP

If you are wanting to book an appointment with a doctor, nurse or other health care professional at the practice, you can call the reception team at Grange Farm Medical Centre on this number - 0115 8965 002.

Useful emergency contact numbers

For life threatening emergenciesdial 999 and select Police (for crimes), Ambulance (for medical help) or Fire.

For non-emergency issues, dial 101

For GP Out of Hours services, dial 111



The optician is a person who will check your eye sight and provide vision aids (glasses)


Did you know?

You can book directly with opticians for an eye test.

A choice of vision aids (glasses) may be offered if needed..

You may have to pay for this service


Opticians in the Nottingham area are:

*D I Blow Opticians

     -158c Bramcote Lane, NG8 2QP

     -534 Aspley Lane, NG8 5RW

*Duffy Optometrosts - 190 Wollaton Road, NG8 1HT


To find other local opticians -



Dental Care

A person/facility who look after your teeth and treat dental pain


Did you know?

You can register directly with a dentist

In an emergency, contact 111

You may have to pay for this service


To find local dentists that is taking on new patients -


A person/facility who dispense medication on behalf of GP


Did you know?

They can also help with minor illnesses, give treatment advice about a range of common conditions such as aches and pains, coughs, earache, skin rashes and red eye.

You can buy over the counter medicines from the pharmacist and they can help you chose the best option for your condition.


Pharmacy locations in Nottingham city

*Boots - Bracebridge Drive, Bilborough

*Well - Bracebridge Drive, Bilborough

*Jaysons Pharmacy - Arleston Drive, Wollaton


To find other local pharmacies-


Other Useful Contact Numbers (Government-funded)

If you have any social problems

For Housing Issues - Contact Citizens Advice Bureau or Social Services

For Carer Support - Contact Social Services

For Occupation Health for physical disabilities, wheelchair assessments, or home environment support - Contact Social Services

For financial issues, job seekers allowance and carer allowance - contact the Job centre (0800 169 0190)

For Mental Health services - contact Let's Talk Wellbeing (0300 300 2200)

Useful contact numbers

Citizens Advice Bureau - 0300 330 5457

Social Services - 0300 131 300

Booking number for Ultrasound and X-Ray - 0115 875 4568

Physiotherapist - 0115 883 8320



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